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Selling On-the-go: Make Your Display Portable

Posted by Danish on 12/12/2013 to Jewelry display
A portable display is a necessity for exhibiting your wares in temporary kiosks, fairs and showrooms. They are also a great choice for anyone who does in-home parties or displays to promote the products. Making displays portable is a relatively easy task once you get the hang of it and makes moving your products around much easier. 

The best way to make your display portable is to attach the jewelry to the display itself. This way, you do not risk losing small pieces, such as earrings or rings, as you move the display around. Add loops to your display to easily attach your jewelry no matter what style the display is. 

Organizational boxes are a great option for displaying small items. These boxes usually have a lid, so loose items such as earring backs or spare clasps remain in place and do not spread around the area. If your flat display box does not include a lid, consider attaching buttons to a piece of fabric and around the edges of the display box to create a makeshift lid. 

Use small plastic zip bags to carry around individual items that go on larger displays, such as busts. Attach handles to your display boxes, or buy larger cardboard boxes that contain ample space in which to store your display boxes for extra mobility. 

In addition to these tips, use small displays, as they are much easier to tote around with you than larger, clunky ones. Smaller displays also allow you to show off more products in a smaller area, which is especially important in small mall kiosks or in small booths at showrooms.

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