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Outshine the Rest With Distinguished Jewelry Displays

Posted by Danish on 2/8/2014 to Jewelry display
While it is nice to own tons of sparkling jewelry, wearing it only once in a while does not do it justice. At home, many pieces of jewelry get jumbled up in drawers or are hidden in safes. Do not let fear or lack of space keep you from displaying your jewels. Choose the correct jewelry display solutions, and let your jewels shine. 

T-bars allow those with multiple bracelets, watches and cuffs to display their jewelry in a compact, easy-to-see area. These bars are, as their name states, "T" shaped. Simply slide your pieces on each side of the T to store and display them conveniently. If you have too many pieces for one T-bar, choose a stacked option for even more display room without taking up any more horizontal space.

Display your necklaces as they do in the jewelry stores, on neck forms. Simply drape your clasped necklace around the neck of the displays. You have the option to store multiple necklaces on each display; however, this takes away from each individual piece and heightens the possibility for tangling.

Earrings are typically the easiest to display because many times they take up the least amount of space. Choose a display that highlights only one pair of spectacular earrings, or choose a tower that displays many pairs of earrings at the same time. For your less important earrings that do not need to be displayed, purchase earring cards to keep the earrings and backs together and to prevent the posts from getting bent. 

Keep your beautiful jewelry out where you have the ability to see it by using jewelry displays. It is important to choose the correct display for your pieces. Purchasing the incorrect display leads to the jewelry not being highlighted in the manner it deserves, and it also has the possibility to cause damage.

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