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Making the Most of Small Display Areas

Posted by Danish on 2/7/2014 to Jewelry display
A small display area is disheartening to see, but if you use the proper techniques it is easy to make the most of even the smallest area. Ditch the large, bulky display options and keep these tips in mind as you build your display to show off as many of your products as possible. 

Use clear glass display cases with internal shelves to make the most of your floor space. Keep your most valuable items locked away in this spot and utilize tiered internal displays to create more flat space to display your products. Remember, however, not to crowd your products too close together, as this is overwhelming and makes it difficult to focus on a single item. Utilize white space to direct eyes where you want them to go.

Make use of your vertical space by avoiding clunky displays, such as busts or large spinning stands. Instead, use tiers, shelves and other elevated items to create more shelf space and the illusion of a larger store. Use different sections of shelves and tiers to organize your products into different styles and types to make it easier for customers to browse. Keep enough room on the counter to show customers individual pieces and to use as a transaction space. 

A small shop forces you to keep your inventory minimal, but it does not have to stop you from making sales. Maximize your small display space to show off as much product as possible without overcrowding the area. Experiment with different displays to find the display style that works best for your needs.

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