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Keeping Your Displays Dust-free

Posted by Dupree on 1/28/2014
Keeping Your Displays Dust-free

Whether displaying your jewelry for show or storing it when not in use, a jewelry display is a fantastic way to maintain your jewelry's shape and shine. As you select your jewelry display, make sure you understand how to keep it dust-free. Keeping your jewelry and the display dust-free helps both to look better and to last longer, ensuring that your favorite pieces remain in perfect condition for years to come. 

Start by determining how you want to display your jewelry. Decide whether you want to hang jewelry in a display case with a glass door, stack rings on a hand-shaped display figurine or let necklaces maintain their shape by displaying them on a necklace easel. Each type of display has its own benefits. Each requires cleaning, and sometimes you must pay special attention to your cleaning agents to avoid damaging your display.

No matter which display you choose, it is important to clean your jewelry and your display regularly. Start by removing each piece of jewelry and wiping off the dust with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using rough fabrics that scratch delicate jewels and soft metals, such as pearls or rose gold. Then, use the same cloth to wipe down the jewelry display. Some types of metal jewelry displays benefit from an occasional polish to prevent dinginess. Avoid getting wooden or fabric jewelry displays wet, as this damages both the display and the jewelry.

Regularly cleaning your jewelry and keeping your displays dust-free helps lengthen the life of your jewelry and makes it look better to admirers. Whether you mount your jewelry in the main room of your home or keep a small jewelry display case in your bedroom, make sure to maintain a regular dusting and cleaning schedule to keep your pieces in sparkling condition.

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