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How to Display a Full Outfit With Accessories

Posted by Danish on 2/10/2014 to Jewelry display
No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories to either complement individual pieces or act as a counterpoint to others. If your business relies on displaying accessories to their best effect, it is important to use display pieces that allow you to show accessories with clothing. By letting your customers envision how an accessory looks with clothing, you increase the likelihood of the customer buying it. 

There are two basic ways of displaying outfits with accessories. One method is to highlight certain aspects of an outfit to draw increased attention to the accessories. Alternatively, display accessories with an entire outfit, which gives customers a good sense of how accessories fit into the whole, but does not display individual accessories as prominently.

To show individual accessories or a couple of related accessories with components of an outfit, opt for a display piece that focuses on a more narrow section of the body. For example, a neck form allows you to display a necklace along with a blouse, giving customers an idea of how the accessory might accentuate the neckline. Necklace easels perform a similar function. A polystyrene hand allows customers to see how a large costume ring looks over a slim-fitting evening glove.

To display a complete outfit with accessories, you need a mannequin. Using a mannequin allows you to show how any accessory fits into the broader picture of the outfit, no matter whether you are selling shoes, scarves, jewelry, hats, gloves or any other type of accessory. 

The best solution for displaying your accessories is usually a combination of a mannequin for the full outfit and display pieces from a vendor, such as Saga Display, to highlight a particular section of the outfit. Place the two types of displays near each other and give your customers the best chance to envision how an accessory might look if they purchase it.

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