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Finding a Jewelry Storage Solution to Match Your Décor

Posted by Danish on 12/13/2013 to Jewelry display
Whether you own a shop or simply have a large jewelry collection, storage is a necessity. With so many different storage options, however, it is difficult to decide just what kind of storage to choose. Picking the right storage in a shop is often the difference between sales and no sales, while storage at home needs to blend in with your decor. 

Look around the room in which you need jewelry storage and take note of the key features. For example, look at the colors around you, the theme of the room and the materials used. If the design is very sleek and modern, pick simple storage solutions that use metal or black storage options that are minimal.

On the other hand, if the area focuses on an ornate or antique theme, opt for more extravagant or intricate storage options. Give an old-fashioned jewelry box with nice woodwork a try, or use a larger metal piece for hanging necklaces and bracelets. Make sure the colors you choose work well with the other colors in the room. 

If the room is very small, make sure to optimize size and buy storage options that allow you to keep the most in the smallest area, such as compartmentalized storage cases with lids that stack easily and fit in small spaces. 

Picking the wrong storage solution is an eye sore, especially if your decor and room theme was carefully designed to look a certain way. Keep the room attractive and inviting by ensuring the storage matches the rest of the room in color, shape and style. Proper storage also helps to reduce your stress, so do not be afraid to spend extra time shopping for the perfect storage.

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