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Efficient Jewelry Display Tips

Posted by Danish on 12/9/2013 to Jewelry display
Whether you are the designer of fabulous jewelry or a private party itching to show off an eclectic collection, strategic planning is required to properly showcase your items. To create an effective, eye-catching display, certain variables must be taken into consideration. Fortunately, once you know what these are, creating a wonderful display is simple and easy to do. 

The size of the display you use is important. To avoid an awkward appearance, a particular display piece must not be too big or small for the item it showcases. For example, use smaller neck forms to display dainty chains and larger ones to present jewelry with more bulk. Doing this accomplishes an overall streamlined look.

Also, consider how much display space you have available to you. If you have relatively little room to work with, display fewer pieces so that your overall presentation does not look cluttered. If space is not an issue, use enough displays so there are no glaring gaps between any of them.

Lastly, keep a color scheme in mind. Adding a colorful display to an otherwise neutral presentation sounds good, but the result is that the pop of color makes that display the center of attention. This is fine if you want to make a particular pair of earrings or special bracelet stand out, but if that is not your intention, stick to hues that complement rather than overpower each other.

Displaying jewelry for business or pleasure is a lot of fun. Use these tips as a foundation from which to launch a marvelous and efficient display, but never be afraid to experiment with different types of displays. Trays, busts, boxes and other items exist in a variety of materials and colors for a reason, so explore all the possibilities.

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