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Different Types of Necklace Displays and Their Uses

Posted by Danish on 2/12/2014 to Jewelry display
Like many other jewelry types, necklaces have a number of different display types. These different displays have specific functions that are useful for certain types of necklaces. Think carefully about the style of necklace you wish to showcase as you look over your displays and try to find the perfect choice.

Bust displays are perfect for ornate necklaces. Necklaces with multiple strands, hanging features or that are larger than other necklaces are best displayed on busts. This shows the shopper exactly how the necklace lays, which is important for larger pieces. Avoid putting slender necklaces on large busts.

Flat necklace displays are great for necklaces with slim, low-profile chains that include a small charm. Thin chains do not need a lot of extra display space and this puts the focus on the color of the chain and the style of the charm. These displays are also useful for showing multiple similar necklaces or just chains.

Hanging necklace displays are perfect for less expensive options, such as lower karat gold, rope necklaces and other materials that are not precious metals. Hanging displays let you put numerous necklaces onto one display for the customer to flip through at his leisure and take up little space. 

It is best to keep a variety of necklace display types in your store to ensure you have the proper display for whatever product you decide to sell. Avoid focusing on one single display type, though you need to examine your products to determine the displays of which you need more. For example, if you sell mostly chains, you need to keep more flat display cases than busts.

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