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Choosing a Display: The Best Color for Your Jewelry

Posted by Danish on 11/8/2013
When displaying jewelry, it is important for your display to look as good as the jewelry itself. Jewelry displays come in all types of colors, from muted blacks and whites to vivid pinks. They also come in multiple textures, from velvet to metal. Choosing the best display for your jewelry depends on the type of jewelry you are displaying as well as the color and materials involved in your necklaces, earrings or rings. 

Start by determining what type of display you need. If you are displaying a necklace that is easily scuffed, for example, choose a soft velvet display rather than a hard wood or metal display. If your necklace contains a heavy pendant, use a lay-down necklace display rather than an upright necklace easel. 

Once you have determined the type of display you want to use, start looking at colors. In this case, the rule about mixing metals does not apply; a series of gold rings mounted on a silver or gray ring finger mount is much more visually interesting than the same gold rings mounted on a gold display. Look at a color wheel and select complementary colors to feature your precious stones. For example, use a blue display for yellow gemstones, or combine green stones and a pink display. 

When in doubt, trust your eyes. If your display does not make your jewelry sparkle and stand out, it is likely that you are using the wrong color. Likewise, if you place a white necklace easel against a white painted wall, your necklaces are much more likely to fade into the background. Keep all the surrounding colors in mind when choosing the best display color for your jewelry. 

Test your jewelry against a few different types of displays before selecting the one that looks best with your jewelry. If you are ordering jewelry displays online, order a few different displays and return the ones that do not work. Remember that an attractive display makes your jewelry look fantastic, and picking the right color display is key to a beautiful jewelry presentation.

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