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Choosing Jewelry Storage Based on Your Personal Style

Posted by Danish on 12/11/2013
Your favorite pieces of jewelry are also unique pieces of wearable art. Jewelry does not need to be stored away in a box, only to be seen when you choose to wear it. Choose jewelry storage to reflect your personal style and allow your accessories to help decorate your living or work space. 

Use interesting jewelry storage solutions you can place on top of a counter or dresser like a polystyrene hand to showcase rings, finger cuffs and bracelets. Use a larger metal ring display if you have a sizable collection with small cones to stack rings on. Stay true to a theme, or collect an eclectic variety of jewelry display stands to fill empty corners and liven up dull table and desk tops. Utilize metal necklace displays to match with the ring displays, or purchase several combination neck forms in different colors and coverings for additional texture and style while decorating with your jewelry. Combination neck forms allow you to combine a necklace with a ring and pair of earrings to show a unique, complete look. Choose from neck forms covered in leather, linen and velvet to highlight the beauty, texture and colors of different necklaces, rings and earrings. Purchase a tall necklace easel to show off one particularly stunning necklace solo. 

There are no rules when it comes to displaying your jewelry. Thinking of your jewelry storage solutions as tools in your interior design arsenal allows you to blend different, unique elements of your style into every aspect of your personal surroundings. Take your baubles and jewels out of drawers and boxes so everyone visiting you is able to appreciate your fashion sensibilities.

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